World tourism trends in Arctic Khatanga

Whatever aspect of the tourism sector a business is involved in, you need to keep your finger on the pulse. Previously beloved concepts and products are going out of fashion, giving way to more modern elements that are ultimately capturing more and more of the travel market.

In tourism, a number of events have led to changes in consumer behavior and business processes, for example, the COVID-19 pandemic has not only led to increased demands from tourists for cleanliness and hygiene, but has influenced changes in the preferences of tourists, who began to choose more secluded routes outside large cities.

Arctic Khatanga meets many global trends, for example, the extremely rapidly developing “Meet the Locals” trend. Today's tourists do not want to be isolated from the places they visit. They want to engage and participate in local culture. From enjoying local cuisine to celebrating regional festivals and holidays, local experiences will be one of the top travel trends to watch.

Travelers in Khatanga have the opportunity not only to see the life of the local Dolgan peoples, but to go to the tundra for three whole days, stay in a real national mobile house of reindeer herders made from reindeer skins, cook national food together with the hostess, and hunt hares and partridges with the owner. Staying with local families gives tourists the opportunity to interact with local people, see their way of life and experience the local culture.

And what traveler would refuse to try on the amazing national costumes of the local peoples!?

Research shows that far, unexplored directions will develop in the coming years. First of all, younger categories of tourists are expected to strive to spend their holidays in remote “off-the-beaten-track” places, where there is no fear of large crowds of people. People will travel to remote places to socially distance in the wake of COVID-19. Interestingly, there is a growing interest in cool travel destinations. Arctic Khatanga, where the density of tourist flows is minimal, and the beauty and purity of nature can compete with any other region of the world, is becoming a subject of active interest for tourists.

A completely new type of tourism – “transformative travel” – is quickly gaining popularity. Transformative travel is not just about traveling for leisure, but about making a difference in the lives of others and yourself. Volunteer trips are an example of something that has become popular due to this trend. Travelers relax and also set aside time for volunteer work in their travel destinations. One of the main goals of a transformative journey is to be involved in something that is meaningful and adds purpose to life. reports that 68% of travelers worldwide would consider taking part in a cultural exchange to learn something new, followed by volunteer trips (54%) and overseas internships (52%).

The craftsmen of Khatanga share with tourists the secrets of ancient crafts with great pleasure.

Another new trend that is gaining momentum is “experience tourism.” This trend is about having a unique experience and emotional connection with culture and nature. As travelers tire of traditional forms of travel, they are looking for unique experiences in a new destination. Typically, these tourists choose offers that allow them to interact with local residents and get to know their culture. Recent research has shown that 72% of millennials prefer to spend money on unique experiences rather than material things.

Arctic Khatanga provides a unique opportunity for travelers to gain such a unique experience that it may turn out to be the trip of a lifetime!
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