tour expedition to the North Pole together with rgo in 2025

A unique opportunity to participate in an expedition to the End of the Earth
“For centuries, Khatanga has been a Russian outpost, the starting point of the great Arctic discoveries. In 2026, it will celebrate its 400th anniversary, and we are already preparing for this event today.
Currently, the Krasnoyarsk regional branch of the Russian Geographical Society is implementing a project to resume the work of a site for organizing Arctic high-latitude expeditions on the basis of Khatanga. We take into account the unique location of Khatanga and the huge scientific potential of the territory: the presence of regular air service (300 flight days a year), logistical accessibility to remote and little-studied places, as well as tourist attractive sites (including the Putorana Plateau).
From 2025, in light of significant dates for our country (180 years of the founding of the Russian Geographical Society and the anniversary of the famous Arctic explorer I.D. Papanin), continuing the best Soviet traditions of scientific study of the Far North, the Russian Geographical Society will organize an ice drifting station in the area of the geographic point of the North Pole.
As part of the expedition plan for 2025, together with the Government of the Krasnoyarsk Territory, it is planned to present a unique Krasnoyarsk expedition route to the North Pole, developed under the auspices of the Russian Geographical Society"
Igor Spiridenko
Chairman of the Krasnoyarsk regional branch of the Russian Geographical Society

tour program

Included in cost

  • Air travel
  • Air travel
    Khatanga – Ice drifting station – Khatanga (An-74 aircraft)
  • Air travel
    Ice drifting station – geographical point of the North Pole - Ice drifting station (Helicopter MI-8T)
  • Transfer
    airport-hotel-airport along the entire route according to the program
  • Accommodation
    Hotel accommodation in Krasnoyarsk (1 night)
  • Accommodation
    Accommodation at the Mamont Inn hotel in Khatanga (2 nights)
  • Accommodation
    If necessary, accommodation at an ice drifting station (warm tents for 10-12 people) (1 night)
  • Nutrition
    3 meals a day according to the program

Not included

Flight to Krasnoyarsk and back.
Honey. insurance (amount from 10,000,000 rubles with emergency evacuation coverage) and travel insurance.
Additional meals, additional excursions, any other services not specified in the program


  • It is possible to change the route, departure and return times due to weather and other conditions beyond the control of the Organizer.
  • An expedition to the North Pole is an extreme event that can be influenced by many random factors. Doing everything possible to ensure the safety of tourists, the Organizer reserves the right to change the route, time and schedule of flights due to unfavorable ice conditions and weather conditions, as well as other conditions of force majeure and beyond the control of the Organizer. The organizer is NOT responsible for costs associated with flight delays.
  • The organizer strongly recommends purchasing insurance against the impossibility of full or partial participation in the expedition.
  • To participate in the expedition, it is mandatory to have medical insurance that includes emergency evacuation coverage. The insurance amount must be at least 10,000,000 rubles.
  • The difficulty of the route is basic. No special preparation required.
  • Normal atmospheric pressure at the North Pole is 760 mmHg;
  • Children can participate if accompanied by their parents or other legal representatives.
  • Group of 10-30 people.
  • Baggage limit: no more than 15 kg per person.
  • Accommodation conditions at the Ice Drifting Station: spacious heated tents made of modern thermal insulation material; collapsible canvas beds and sleeping bags. The average temperature in the tent is maintained around +16/+18 C.
  • Meals: Full board throughout the tour.
  • Weather in the Arctic in April: polar day. The sun is already quite active, but snowstorms and wind gusts of up to 30 m/s are not uncommon.
  • Average temperature -22/-28 C.
  • Weather in Krasnoyarsk in mid-April: on average from +5 to +15 degrees during the day, at the end of April it can reach +25.
  • The weather in Khatanga averages from -1 to -15.
  • Under favorable weather conditions, an Express tour is possible:
  • Arrival of tourists in Krasnoyarsk and flight Krasnoyarsk-Khatanga on the same day, or on the 2nd day of the program. In this case, the excursion part will be reduced.


Winter jacket Pants with Thinsulate insulation
Knitted underwear (thermal underwear)
Polartec fleece jacket and trousers
Thick wool socks (2 pcs.) Expedition shoes
Hat with Windstopper membrane Mittens
Sunglasses: Glasses 100UV and IR Cream SPF 40
Hygienic lipstick SPF 40 Personal first aid kit
Don't know where to collect a kit for an expedition to the North Pole?
To know
We recommend a basic set of clothing for a polar expedition, but everyone handles the cold differently. So if you have items in your wardrobe that are cold-tested and work for you,
we recommend taking them with you.


go on an expedition

RUB 2,900,000
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