Program “Trophy fishing for taimen”

Fishing for the king of Siberian rivers
8 nights, 7 days
Length route - about 400 km as part of the tour
Middle route
2 instructors
Tour description

We invite our old and new friends to the base “Kotui - the home of the taimen”.
The base is located in a unique location, at the junction of two mountainous regions of the Putorana plateau and the Anabar plateau. The rich river will surprise taimen hunters! Completely untouched nature, large fish and a picturesque river. Every fisherman has the opportunity to catch his own record trophy!
The only fishing base on the largest river in this region - 1409 km. You can fish without leaving the base. You can use boats that allow you to pass any rapids and water obstacles. On the territory of the base, guests live in separate wooden houses, 2 houses with “Standard” conditions and 4 houses “Suite”.
“Standard” is a house with accommodation for 2-3 guests. Showers and toilets are located in a separate room on the base premises. “Suite” is a house for 2 guests. Choice of one large double bed or two single beds. Shower and toilet in the house.
A guide is assigned to each house.
Minimum group size is 8 guests, maximum is 12 guests.
Is waiting for you
- Fishing for the king of Siberian rivers - taimen.
- Water travel along the Kotui and Kotuykan rivers.
- Sheer cliffs – the dolomite bottom of the ancient sea.
- Rock outcrops and stone temples.
- Excursion to the ethnographic museum of the village of Khatanga.
- A large number of dishes from wild northern fish and wild meat.
- Fishing based on the catch-and-release principle!
Accommodation at the base
6 days 6 nights at the base
1 night in a hotel in the village. Khatanga
400,000 rub. for 1/2 DBL in the Standard cabin
450,000 rub. for 1/2 DBL in the Suite House
Minimum group size 8 guests, maximum 12

tour program


Catch your dream fish

450,000 rub.
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